Real Estate

Our team has in excess of 100 years combined experience and has a diverse range of skills drawn from dealing with property insurance from the perspective of the client, insurer and broker.

Owners And Investors

We understand your business and are able to communicate effectively with you as well as your other advisors to arrange an insurance program to meet your needs. An added value to Owners and Investors is the ability of our own in house counsel to review leases, lender requirements and additional essential documents inherent to your business.

To learn more, contact:
Libor Hon, Executive VP                 or                   Jackie Davis, Senior VP
212.509.3777                                                             215.732.0500


As a developer, your insurance needs are unique and not limited to the standing asset and revenue stream. We offer expert advice on insurance coverage to protect you and your projects, including contract and indemnification review, construction defect insurance and risk transfer.

To learn more, contact:
Libor Hon, Executive VP  ‍‍‌   ‎‌ or                    Patti Bailey, Executive VP
212.509.3777                                                            215.732.0500

Property Managers And Agents

Whether operating in commercial or residential sectors worldwide, our global capability provides the power to negotiate the most suitable arrangement for our managing agent clients. We are familiar with the RICS and BPF for transparency and provision of professional advice, supported by The Lease Code, the need to demonstrate competitiveness to your clients and tenants, lease complaint cover arrangements and an efficient administration.
To learn more, contact:
Libor Hon, Executive VP  ‍‍‌   ‎‌ or                    Jackie Davis, Senior VP
212.509.3777                                                            215.732.0500