American Numismatic Association

The American Numismatic Association is pleased to announce that they have appointed Hugh Wood Inc. to manage their members’ insurance plan. HWI has been selected to further develop the insurance plan making it a significant membership benefit. HWI is well known to many in the coin business and already provide insurance solutions to many major coin dealers. This is a logical extension of their business, already being the preferred insurance provider for other major collectibles associations.

The new plan provides more options than ever before in order to provide the collector with the best possible insurance coverage with the most attractive prices. Many coin collectors have difficulty buying insurance for their coins, as regular homeowners insurance tends to be expensive, restrictive or just not cover coins. Dealers are also welcome to apply and a separate program has been developed for them.

The membership also have the opportunity to purchase benefits, long-term care and many other lines of business and personal insurance. HWI can be contacted toll free on 1-888-277-6494 or by email Their dedicated team will welcome enquires from members and most non-members will find that the cost savings will justify joining the association even before they begin to enjoy any of the other great benefits of being a member.

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