American Philatelic Society

Hugh Wood and his team are proud to offer the APS member a unique range of insurance products designed by philatelists for philatelists. We are proud to be the provider of the APS insurance Plan and ensure that our products are constantly evolving and our service satisfies the most demanding clients.

Hugh Wood designed a genuine all risk insurance product for collectors when he realized that he, a serious collector, could not purchase the cover he wanted at an acceptable price. Having been in the insurance industry all his working life he knew that the philatelist deserved a better quality of product, and a service offered by specialists with understanding of both insurance and the hobby. Now, the HWI organization serves over twenty thousand clients in 40 countries catering to their needs with unique products and a team of over 200 professionals.

We can offer a variety of policies to collectors that don’t just cover your stamps but also many other collectibles – with the same high quality cover and understanding we bring to the philatelic accounts. Further, as a major specialist in the numismatic field, we welcome requests to cover your coin or collectible currency collection.

As a full multi line broker we are always happy to advise the APS member on any insurance topic. We have experts in everything from major property and casualty to benefits to personal lines to marine and aviation on our staff and we welcome your questions.

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