Coverage Solutions

Insurance Solutions Available:

General Liability
Provides defense and settlement protection to your business for claims brought about by customers and third parties. Coverage can include liability for injuries caused by you or your employees, damage to property owned by others, and liability for damage or injury caused by your product or service.

Errors & Omissions /Professional Liability
Provides defense, settlement and damage payments to a third party for claims brought against you for economic loss caused by acts of errors and omissions in your professional services.

Replacement and/or repair for business property lost or destroyed by fire, lightning, windstorm, vandalism, theft, or other natural acts. It includes coverage for portable equipment and technical equipment along with office inventory. Coverage can be written on a replacement basis or an actual cash value basis.

Business Income & Extra Expense
When written with property insurance, business income provides replacement of income for a covered property loss that halts business activity or slows income streams due to loss of business. Coverage will supplement income for a specific period of time or in some cases until your business is at the income level it sustained before loss. Extra expense insurance supplements any costs over and above normal operating expenses for setting up an office along with the expenses associated with a move.

Workers Compensation
Provides coverage for medical benefits to the employee for bodily injury by accident or by disease. This policy includes indemnity coverage for lost wages due to injury and disability coverage for the period of time that the employee is out of work. Coverage also provided protection for the employer in the event an employee brings suit for alleged denial of benefits.

Directors & Officers Liability (Profit/Not-for-Profit)
Provides a firm and its directors and officers protections from claims brought against them for misappropriation of funds or misdirection of the firm. Coverage can be extended to include Employment Practices Liability.

Employment Practices Liability
Provides employers with protection for claims brought by employees for discrimination and hiring/firing practices. This coverage can be written to include coverage for claims brought by third parties and vendors. The policy will included defense coverage and settlement coverage.

Fiduciary Liability
Designed to offer defense and damage protection for the responsible parties and administrators of welfare and health plans. As an administrator you are responsible for making sure plans are appropriate and run correctly. This coverage allows for claims protection in the event that accusations are made for mismanagement.

Crime & Fidelity Insurance
Crime and Fidelity insurance provides first and potentially third party protection for theft of money and property from you or your customers. In most cases the individual responsible will be prosecuted and forced to repay. The coverage can be made contingent on this issue or can be structured without a conviction clause.

Surety bonds are available for businesses that are required to obtain a bond by either a local or state jurisdiction to keep or maintain licensing.

Commercial Auto
Provides liability and physical damage protection to your business and owned automobiles. Coverage can also be tailored to include hired and non-owned autos used by your employees.

Disability Insurance
Protect your income! Disability insurance provides an income if you can not work due to injury or sickness. Plans are available on an individual and group basis. Coverage is written for a specified time limit or for disability to retirement age and beyond.

Trade Credit Insurance
We work with the most reputable credit insurance companies worldwide to provide the best customized policy for your company's needs. Trade Credit Insurance is a very unique form of coverage. It is a tool to prevent a loss to one of a company's largest unprotected assets - Account Receivables.

We will work with you to formulate a policy that will protect against non-payment, slow payment or insolvencies due to commercial and/or political risks. This policy can cap exposures to bad-debt loss that even the best credit management practices cannot foresee.

Any company that sells goods or services on credit terms should consider this coverage. The most common purchasers of Business Credit Insurance are Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Distributors with sales of at least $1,000,000.

The benefit of Business Credit Insurance includes:

♦ Protection against bad-debt losses
♦ Increase borrowing power with lenders
♦ Balance sheet protection/stabilize cash flow

(Other coverages are available - Please call for a full list of coverages)

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