Commercial Clients

Products for specialist dealers, retailers, auction houses and museums.

Whether stamps, coins, art, gold, bullion, jewelry, or memorabilia, we tailor our policies to  suit your business needs.

We specialize in the insurance of:

♦  Stamps and philatelic related items
♦  Coins, paper money and numismatic related items
♦  Fine Art, antiques, objects d’art
♦  Gold, bullion, other precious metals
♦  Depositories & Refineries
♦  Grading houses, appraisers, expertisers
♦  Wine and wine storage
♦  Jewelers Block
♦  Sports memorabilia
♦  Exhibition organizers (event cancellation insurance)

Managed by professionals with a wealth of experience, we work to understand our clients' requirements and employ the support of a wide range of international insurers to fulfill them.




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